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Stories related specifically to Waterloo cycling. This is for the locals, but can have information related to cycling in non-Waterloo areas of the world.

Jane’s Walk – Walking and cycling challenges and opportunities in Uptown Waterloo

Join members of the Waterloo Advisory Committee on Active Transportation (WACAT) as they follow the Laurel Trail through Uptown Waterloo to Weber St and back, looking for opportunities to improve cycling and pedestrian connectivity in the city.  What challenges stand … Continue reading

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How to save your bicycle from becoming Community Property

Lock your bike properly, otherwise it becomes community property! Use a solid U-type lock and lock the rear wheel to the frame and something solid Use a cable and lock the front wheel to the frame. Use a smaller cable … Continue reading

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Pavement Everywhere!

Imagine my surprise, when I recently revisited some of my favourite trails only to find them wondrously covered in smooth black pavement.  The photo below is a snapshot of this improvement taken from Queen Street showing the trail entering into Lakeside Park. … Continue reading

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King Street Redesign Update – April 2014

Remember that petition for protected bicycle lanes? Well it hasn’t been forgotten … yet :) I attended the Waterloo Advisory Committee for Active Transportation meeting last week and received a very encouraging update from city staff. Waterloo has indeed proposed protected bicycle … Continue reading

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Lights of Life takes home $200 from KWAwesome Pitch Night

Brendan did great work for Lights of Life, bringing home $200 from the last KWAwesome Foundation pitch night (March 25th at Little Bean). I’m looking forward to hearing how we can get involved in the next steps. Saving Lives Brendan explained … Continue reading

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City of Waterloo offering CAN-BIKE 2 course – spots available

I just signed up for the City of Waterloo sponsored CAN-Bike 2 course that starts April 24th. It’s 18 hours of utilitarian (commuter, recreational) cycling instruction. Sources indicate it’ll turn a nervous side-walk cyclist into a confident commuter (check out Bill … Continue reading

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My Goals For Cycling this Season

My Fall/Winter biking season didn’t go over so well. Shortly after my last excited blog post, I got sick, and ran into a few complications. While I could have biked sometimes, I just wasn’t feeling so well the rest of … Continue reading

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