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Stories related specifically to Waterloo cycling. This is for the locals, but can have information related to cycling in non-Waterloo areas of the world.

Public Bike Stand and tools – Waterloo Parkade

If Chris from Light and Wheels hadn’t highlighted Waterloo’s public bike repair stand and tools I probably still wouldn’t have noticed as I rarely (if ever) venture into Uptown’s parking garage. Sure enough, right by the parkade’s bicycle parking a … Continue reading

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Feb 7 2014 – Annual Winter Bike Ride

February 7th is statistically Waterloo Region’s coldest day of the year, let’s celebrate it on our bikes. The City of Kitchener Active Transportation Advisory Committee ( is providing hot chocolate and organizing the the ride, let’s join! Meeting at Kitchener … Continue reading

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Winter Biking Tips – Facing the Cold

This is my fourth year riding a bike in the winter. It’s particularly challenging because I live in Canada, where it happens to be cold for a significant part of the year. And it snows. A lot! According to Weather … Continue reading

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2013 in review – WaterlooBikes

2013 will be a true springboard year for the WaterlooBikes community. We welcomed a few new writers giving all of us a spark. This year saw a first as WaterlooBikes stepped out of the realm of the internets and into … Continue reading

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CABikeShare Video

Nice video. Note to promotional video folks, avoid Movember filming :) You can give the gift of memberships here — membership link.

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It’s that time of year – Ski Racks on the Bike

Today was simply gorgeous with all that fresh snow. Not only is it fun to ski in the winter, it’s almost as much fun to bike to the ski trails, only wish they’d stop with the slush-making salt :)

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