Ikea – Swedish for “Here’s a bike, sucker!”

So this week, IKEA gave all 12,400 of its US based suckers…err… I mean employees a Bicycle as a year end bonus. What a great way for a company to give back to their hardworking employees. Or is it? Doesn’t this mean they now have to work even harder by cycling to work, then slogging through the 8 hour work day and ride home again? I suppose they have the option to still drive their car, but this gift might create a sense that employees will be expected to use this transportation or face being considered an outsider. Should I … Continue reading Ikea – Swedish for “Here’s a bike, sucker!”

WaterlooBikes discusses Winter Cycling with 570’s Jeff Allan

The interview with 570’s Jeff Allan went well and was largely a non-controversial yawner.  But that’s what we think of winter cycling, just get out there and enjoy the fresh air! Hear what WaterlooBikes had to say and in addition hear a few local winter cyclists who called in to confirm our opinion. Then there’s the usual, expected response from a few muggle drivers. Click to listen on 570’s website (skip ahead to the 18 minute mark). What do you think? Is winter cycling dangerous? Should winter cycling be illegal? Do you need to be an elite athlete? Continue reading WaterlooBikes discusses Winter Cycling with 570’s Jeff Allan

AM 570 – Winter Cycling Interview

Should this ‘Pinko‘ be controversial? AM 570’s Jeff Allan asked to interview someone from WaterlooBikes about winter cycling (should be around 10.30AM December 8).  It’s likely a follow up on a Record article by Terry Pender that ran in this weekend’s daily profiling local cyclists who keep pedaling when the snow falls. Terry kindly made mention to WaterlooBikes. As much as I’d like winter cycling to be an extreme sport it’s not. Much of my opinion can be summed up by UrbanCountry’s post who chides us North Americans on our tendency to over-complicate. Is it something seasonal cyclists should consider? Yes, winter cycling is akin … Continue reading AM 570 – Winter Cycling Interview