Voted by Bike

I voted.  What struck me the most from my 2 minute voting experience was that there was no place to lock my bike.  My voting station on 33 Allen had no place to lock up bicycles. I actually locked my bike to a sign on the neighbouring property. I checked the back of the church and there was a railing that could have been used, but it was definitely not bicycle friendly.

I’m curious.  What criteria are used to select voting stations?

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4 Responses to Voted by Bike

  1. Ryan says:

    I was going to bring my camera, but figured I’d leave it at home because of the rain.
    There wasn’t anywhere to lock a bike up where I went either (a German family restaurant – community hall), however I went with someone else so we just locked them together.

    I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am, not only with the results but the turnout.
    After weeks of hearing about the “youth vote”, it turns out it was all talk.

    I left my camera on inside my house when I went to go vote, more of less to see what my Dog does when I’m out…15:43 is all it took! 1km ride there and 1km ride back. I took my time heading there and back also, had to wait for a few people ahead of me inside as I was there for when they opened. Under 16 minutes!

    As for the criteria of choosing the voting stations? I can’t be certain but one I suspect is accessibility for the disabled, meaning churches, restaurants, community centres and schools are the more practical locations.
    I would also guess parking is a criteria, however for those like us, bicycle parking is irrelevant. Car parking is needed.

  2. Octavian says:

    My voting station was in a public school. There were quite literally over 20 bike racks. I guess it depends where you go.

  3. charles says:

    Even though there wasn’t any “official” bike parking you still got the closest spot… except for the scooter by the door.

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