A new cycling website or store in Waterloo Region?

I came across an interesting link on a friends facebook page. I thought it was a new cycling store or blog. I was even more curious when I saw it was based in Kitchener.


I was a bit surprised to say the least :)


About Graham Roe

A four season commuter sans l'auto, switching up my commute between running and biking. I love my toys, but hate spending hard earned cash to get them and precious time tinkering with them - get me durable performant gear, so I can have my next adventure! Catch me on http://waterloobikes.ca
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4 Responses to A new cycling website or store in Waterloo Region?

  1. chris32323 says:

    Yes! Quite surprising! Not what I expected at all.

  2. Octavian says:

    Um….lol….I think :/

  3. Angela says:

    A similar demographic though! I’m affiliated with the group and read your blog, so there you go!

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