Book Review: The Bear’s Bicycle by Emilie Warren McLeod

I was reading ‘The Bears Bicycle’ by Emilie Warren McLeod to my kids tonight and was so impressed I figured I should share it. I love how it encourages safe cycling. Here’s a preview. My favourite page is the dooring one.  Maybe next time I’ll try reading them the MTO kids bicycle riding guide.

2013-09-18 21.17.26


2013-09-18 21.18.12

2013-09-18 21.18.46


2013-09-18 21.19.06


2013-09-18 21.19.26


2013-09-18 21.19.57



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3 Responses to Book Review: The Bear’s Bicycle by Emilie Warren McLeod

  1. RANTWICK says:

    Nice! Looks good to me, man. Those reading to days are gone for me, but they sure were good times.

  2. Jean says:

    A fun video song on cycling safety with kids in Vancouver:

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