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Cycling in the news. We’ll keep our ear to the ground on cycling news (or lack of) in Waterloo Region. Try to relay and relate the important bits.

2013 in review – WaterlooBikes

2013 will be a true springboard year for the WaterlooBikes community. We welcomed a few new writers giving all of us a spark. This year saw a first as WaterlooBikes stepped out of the realm of the internets and into … Continue reading

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Update: Petition for protected bicycle lanes for King Street’s redesign

The petition for protected bicycle lanes on King Street’s redesign has just under 900 signatures as we begin 2014.  We’ve kept the petition open but are not actively seeking signatures as we believe our voice has been heard. The King … Continue reading

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CABikeShare Video

Nice video. Note to promotional video folks, avoid Movember filming :) You can give the gift of memberships here — membership link.

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David vs Goliath – Specialized takes on a bicycle shop / cafe

Last week, like many cycling enthusiasts I switched up my twitter name to be ‘Graham Roe / Roubaix‘. Earlier in 2013 Specialized sent a small bike shop owner, Dan Richter a  cease and desist letter over his its use of … Continue reading

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Lexington Street Improvements – Davenport to University Ave – Dec 11th 6pm

I’m planning to attend this public consult, but towards the end around 7.30pm. If you able to attend great, if not email the project representatives and let them know what you think of the proposal ( and So what do … Continue reading

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A great opportunity to build cycling infrastructure: Uptown

I was going to write a post about how the City of Waterloo’s streetscape plan for Uptown Waterloo only meets the bare minimum provision for cycling (contrary to their talk of making cycling a priority), but Chris Klein from TriTAG beat … Continue reading

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Special Constable ________, I Shake My Head at Your Ignorance

(Not All My Posts Will Be about the Police) This past Saturday I was involved in a charity ride called Ride for Refuge.  Ride for Refuge raises money for the displaced, vulnerable and exploited.  There were 864 people doing the … Continue reading

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